Sun, 21 July, 2024

Turner Price Adds New Menu Management Partners

In today’s digital age, menu management software has become an integral part of the catering and hospitality industry. At Turner Price, we understand the value of this technology and offer support for any menu management software, helping you to optimise your operations, comply with regulations, and deliver the best service to your customers.

Here’s a brief overview of the software we support:


Award-winning food technology that simplifies recipe and menu management. With Kafoodle, you can manage all your ingredients and recipes in one place, offering full nutritional analysis, label printing, carbon ratings, and allergen compliance. Streamline your kitchen processes with this intelligent solution.


Nutritics is a cloud-based nutrition analysis software used by multiple national healthcare systems. It gives you access to a database of over a million foods, including supplements and branded data. With Nutritics, you can automatically calculate nutrition, calories, and allergens before adding them to meal plans, and assess dietary intake of up to 258 nutrients. This software also enables you to compare your clients’ nutrient intakes with national and international guidelines.


IndiCater simplifies stock and order management, helping to eliminate waste and increase profitability for your Food & Beverage offerings. Its modular system allows businesses to create a fully bespoke solution that suits their needs. Choose IndiCater for a flexible approach to managing your business.


SchoolGrid provides kitchen management software to primary and secondary schools, and caterers across the public sector. If you’re looking to make your catering service more profitable, SchoolGrid has a proven track record of increasing meal uptake, productivity and efficiency, and reducing staffing, food costs, and wastage.

Whether you’re using Kafoodle, Nutritics, IndiCater, SchoolGrid, or any other menu management software, Turner Price is here to offer the support you need to succeed. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist your business.

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