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Catering to the Unique Needs of Children's Play Centres

Enriching the Play Experience

At Turner Price, we recognise the significance of food as an integral aspect of the overall experience at children’s play centres. Our aim is to provide you with a range of products and services tailored to the unique dietary needs and preferences of children, all while simplifying your operations. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you in navigating the distinct challenges of catering to young diners, providing support and guidance to ensure the provision of meals and snacks that are both nutritious and appealing to children.

Our customer base comprises soft play areas, trampoline centres, water parks, theme parks, gaming centres, and bowling alleys, giving us extensive experience in supplying food and drink provisions to entertainment venues. With our knowledge and expertise, we stand poised to support you throughout the year and during the busiest peaks of your service. Our team has successfully guided establishments in expanding to multi-site venues and adding new locations across the North and Midlands.

Wholesome Range: Nutrition Meets Fun

Our comprehensive product range encompasses a variety of child-friendly, nutritious, and palatable food options. From fresh fruits and vegetables to wholesome snacks, our offerings are meticulously crafted to fuel fun and promote healthy eating habits. We specialise in providing caterers with choices in meat-free, allergy-free, and cost-saving solutions. Strengthening our relationships with manufacturers, we consistently expand our range to incorporate products suitable for children’s palettes. Noteworthy options in soft drinks, wrapped snacks, fast food, pasta and sauces, and condiments are readily available.

Recognising the increasing pressure on caterers when it comes to feeding small children, we offer all customers in-depth product information, including nutritional values, allergens, and ingredients. Furthermore, we collaborate with menu management software specialising in recipe building to aid chefs in analysing their menus. Turner Price is steadfast in delivering a reliable service, dedicated to helping you fuel fun and create delightful dining experiences for your young visitors.

What Our Play Centre Customers Have to Say

Discover what our dedicated customers have to say about their experience with Turner Price.


James Smithson
Play Centre

“Turner Price’s child-friendly food options are a hit at our play centre. They’ve made mealtime an enjoyable part of the children’s day.”


Sarah Hampton
Play Centre

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An Accredited Food for Life Supplier

Discover Turner Price’s accreditation as a Food For Life supplier, supporting a program dedicated to healthy, sustainable food for all. We align with Food For Life’s comprehensive approach, from nurturing healthy eating habits in nurseries and schools to enhancing food experiences in hospitals and care settings. Our commitment to this vision extends beyond supplying high-quality food; it signifies our active role in promoting health, sustainability, and combating food poverty within communities.

When you choose Turner Price, you choose a supplier championing accessible, nutritious, and sustainable food for everyone.

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