Thu, 20 June, 2024

Export Sectors

Exporting British Retail Excellence Globally

Expertly Sourcing Top Brands

Many of our export clients are retail groups or independent retailers. Turner Price’s service ensures that retailers of all sizes have access to an extensive range of British retail goods. We offer a wide selection of confectionery from brands such as Cadbury, Mars, Ferrero, Lotus, and Nestle, along with crisps and snacking products from key partners like Walkers, McVities, Burtons, and KP Snacks. As we also serve numerous supermarkets worldwide, strengthening our retail distribution. Retailers can choose from a vast range of store cupboard, cleaning, and laundry items, and to complement our food offering, we supply retailers with hot beverages and soft drinks, including ranges from Coca Cola, Robinsons, PG Tip, and Taylors. We can also source specialist items and brands, keeping an eye on the latest product launches. While short shelf-life dates can be a challenge for retail items, our exports team works directly with manufacturers to secure the freshest stock available.