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Nutrition as a Vital Pillar of Recovery in Hospitals

Comprehensive Foodservice Solutions for Hospitals

At Turner Price, we acknowledge the fundamental role of nutrition in healthcare. We are dedicated to providing hospitals with a comprehensive range of food products that adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality, supporting the recovery and well-being of patients, as well as catering to the needs of visitors and the workplace. Recognising the crucial importance of timely meal service in hospitals, we take pride in our reliable and prompt delivery services. You can rely on regular, efficient deliveries that align with your schedules, ensuring the smooth operation of your kitchen.

We take pride in being an NHS framework supplier, extending our services to hospitals across the North and Midlands. Our inclusion in the framework enables us to cater to various product areas, particularly fresh produce, butchery meats, chilled and dairy products, store cupboard essentials, and frozen goods. Our close collaboration with hospitals is facilitated by our dedicated national account managers, experienced in handling hospital food service management. Turner Price is also a member of HCA, the Hospital Caterers Association, allowing us to broaden our knowledge and support professional caterers working in healthcare settings.

Our Products: Catering to Diverse Dietary Needs

Understanding the importance of timely meal service in hospitals, we continue to deliver on our commitment to reliable and prompt delivery services. Our extensive selection of food and beverage options is carefully designed to cater to the varied dietary needs and preferences within hospital settings. From dairy-free meals to gluten-free options, we ensure that our products adhere to stringent dietary guidelines associated with different health conditions. Essentials such as milk, cheese, prepared vegetables, gravy, sausages, tinned items, and ice cream are also part of our core offerings.

For café and retail units within hospitals, we provide a wide variety of soft drinks, cakes, pasties, and snacks, along with any packaging requirements for visitors to take food and drink away with them. We firmly believe that through our products, dedicated team, and services, we can significantly contribute to enhancing the quality of foodservice. Partner with us for an efficient, reliable, and quality-assured experience that supports health and recovery.

What Our Hospital Customers Have to Say

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James Smithson

“Turner Price’s commitment to providing nutritious and wholesome meals aligns perfectly with our goal of patient health and wellbeing.”


Sarah Hampton

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A Proud Partner of the Hospital Caterers Association

Discover Turner Price’s partnership with the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA), a significant alliance dedicated to elevating healthcare catering standards. As proud partners of the HCA, we join the recognized voice of hospital catering in an essential mission to improve healthcare catering across the UK and beyond. Our commitment to excellence in products and services aligns seamlessly with the HCA’s goal of enhancing patient, staff, and visitor experiences in healthcare facilities.

Together, we’re shaping a future of excellence in hospital catering, positively impacting patient care and satisfaction.

An Accredited Food for Life Supplier

Turner Price align with Food For Life’s comprehensive approach, from nurturing healthy eating habits in nurseries and schools to enhancing food experiences in hospitals and care settings. Our commitment to this vision extends beyond supplying high-quality food; it signifies our active role in promoting health, sustainability, and combating food poverty within communities.

When you choose Turner Price, you choose a supplier championing accessible, nutritious, and sustainable food for everyone.

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