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Nurturing the Future of Schools with Nutrition

Feeding Minds, Growing Futures

At Turner Price, we recognise that nurturing young minds begins with nutrition. We are committed to supporting nurseries, primary, and secondary schools by providing quality food and drink options that adhere to nutritional guidelines. A balanced diet is fundamental to a child’s growth and development. Healthy meals in school can improve concentration, learning, and overall well-being. From accurate order fulfilment to streamlined invoicing, our operational efficiency takes the hassle out of managing your supply chain. Our goal is to ensure you can focus on what you do best.

As education is our primary customer sector, we are proud to supply over 600 schools. These encompass long-term relationships with local council authorities, large academy and school groups, private day and boarding schools, and independent schools. We also have close relationships with multiple recognised procurement services and are nominated on many frameworks. We are proud to serve some schools for nearly 30 years. To assist schools in managing their menus, we can work with you and menu management software to help control allergens and recipe nutrition and offer extras such as digital interactive menus. Additionally, to address cost challenges, it is common to create restricted buying lists, allowing school caterers to purchase only approved products. Turner Price are partners with LACA – The School Food People, demonstrating our commitment to always be at the forefront of the education sector.

Building a Healthy Future

To maintain a high standard of quality and safety, our product range is carefully selected and adheres to stringent regulations. We understand the unique dietary needs and preferences of children at different stages of their schooling, reflected in the variety and quality of our offerings. We have many brand partners that specialise in school-friendly products, such as Radnor, Meadow Vale, Pizza Plus, Youngs Seafoods, Cool Delights, and Quorn Foods. You will find extensive choices in menu areas such as meat-free, pasties, cooking sauces, fresh marinated chicken, baking mixes, and school-friendly snacks and drinks. We can offer schools a one-stop-shop service, as we offer over 7,500 store cupboard, chilled, frozen, fresh product, prepared vegetables, butchery meat, kitchen essentials and consumable items. 

Also popular with schools is our own brand, Country Range. With over 700 products available, it is the ideal proposition to control costs but also offer students a quality meal. Country Range core products include sliced meats, baked beans, freeze/chill chips, frozen vegetables, bacon, juices, spreads, and breads. And we have just launched the Catering Essentials brand, giving education caterers another cost saving brand to rely on. As your dependable foodservice partner, we take the hassle out of managing food and drink supplies. Our commitment to quality, variety, and reliable delivery makes us the ideal choice.

What Our School Customers Have to Say

Discover what our dedicated customers have to say about their experience with Turner Price.


James Smithson

“Thanks to Turner Price, we’re able to provide nutritious meals that the children really enjoy. Their reliable delivery service is a game-changer.”


Sarah Hampton

“Turner Price’s selection of child-friendly, nutritious food and beverages has been a game changer for our nursery meal planning.”

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Featured Brand Partners

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A Partner of LACA – The School Food People

Explore Turner Price’s partnership with LACA, a dynamic collaboration that is shaping the future of school food provision in the UK. As proud partners of LACA, we are part of a robust network of professionals dedicated to improving school catering standards and ensuring the delivery of nutritious meals to young minds.

Through this alliance, we gain valuable insights, lobby for policies, and commit to excellence in education catering, striving for a healthier, more nutritious future for school food provision.

An Accredited Food for Life Supplier

Discover Turner Price’s accreditation as a Food For Life supplier, supporting a program dedicated to healthy, sustainable food for all. We align with Food For Life’s comprehensive approach, from nurturing healthy eating habits in nurseries and schools to enhancing food experiences in hospitals and care settings. Our commitment to this vision extends beyond supplying high-quality food; it signifies our active role in promoting health, sustainability, and combating food poverty within communities.

When you choose Turner Price, you choose a supplier championing accessible, nutritious, and sustainable food for everyone.

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