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Precise information about our products is crucial for success in our business, where we supply food products to catering professionals. The accuracy and dependability of our product details are extremely important, influencing every aspect of our operations. From making sure we meet strict regulatory requirements to helping our customers plan their menus with confidence, having accurate data is the foundation of our commitment to delivering excellent service to our customers. It allows us to effectively manage allergens, control costs, and handle inventory efficiently. The trust and satisfaction of our customers relies on clear and reliable information, affecting their ability to create innovative menus and provide outstanding culinary experiences.

Additionally, accurate product data contributes to efficient supply chain management, reduces waste, and helps build a positive brand reputation. In a fast-paced industry where precision is crucial, our dedication to providing accurate product information emphasises our commitment to supporting the success and satisfaction of our catering professional customers.

Accompanying our extensive product range, is our commitment to providing the most accurate and relevant product data for your benefit. This includes a full list of nutritional values, all 14 key allergens and a full comprehensive ingredients list. This is efficiently managed through our extensive and versatile PIM (Product Information Management) system. Our PIM streamlines and optimises our management of product information, by organising, enriching and distributing key product data across our website.

Turner Price work closely with industry leading food data software solutions such as Erudus to ensure that information is accurately stored and maintained. We have an in-house team dedicated strictly to product data, ensuring that we stay ahead of any legislative changes and adapt to ever-evolving challenges. 

If you have any questions about our product data, feel free to reach out.

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