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A Free Oil Collection Service for All Customers

Managing a kitchen involves a myriad of responsibilities, and we understand that disposing of waste cooking oil can be a task too many. To ease this burden, we now offer a free oil collection service to all our customers.

In partnership with Arrow Oils, we enable you to have your Turner Price waste cooking oils collected free of charge, all in compliance with current legislation. We require a minimum collection quantity of 60 litres. Our complimentary service includes:

Collection Schedules

Based on the volume, we provide weekly, fortnightly, or monthly collections, tailoring the schedule to your needs.

Environmental Protection

We assist in storing your waste oil responsibly to help protect the environment.

Free Storage

For easy and convenient storage of your waste oil, we supply free blue bins.

Collection Containers

We collect waste cooking oil in its original containers.

Specialised Bins

For larger volumes, we offer the Fatboxx™ specialised wheelie bin as a free rental.


After collection, a transfer note is provided for transparency and compliance.

Our oil collection service is a step towards a cleaner kitchen and a cleaner environment. The collected oil is converted into bio-fuels, reducing carbon footprint and ensuring your drains remain unblocked.

At Turner Price, we are dedicated to making your operations efficient and environmentally friendly. Get in touch with us today to arrange your first collection, and let’s work together to convert waste into a valuable resource.

Complete the Oil Collection form below and we’ll help set up your free oil collection service. 

Oil Collection Form

Please note that the minimum oil collection quantity is 60 litres.
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