Wed, 22 May, 2024

Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhancing the Sustainability of Our Operations

Working with Climate Partner

We work with ClimatePartner, a leading Climate solutions provider, to support us on our climate journey. They’ve helped us calculate our Corporate Carbon Footprint and now support us in implementing solutions to reduce our carbon emissions. Our largest contributor towards our carbon footprint is our transport. As we deliver goods across the UK, we are taking measures to improve efficiencies within our delivery service, and this very much remains an important focus area.

Waste Reduction

We place a strong emphasis on waste reduction and repurposing including minimising food, cardboard, and plastic waste. We recognise the importance of environmental responsibility and are committed to adopting sustainable practices that align with our values as a conscientious food wholesaler. Our operational food waste is taken away and processed by ReFood who transform it into renewable energy and nutrient rich bio-fertiliser. In 2023, this saved over 9.3T of food going to landfill. We process all cardboard & plastic waste at a commercial recycling centre, saving over 90T from landfill in 2023.

Energy Efficiency Investments

Our premises, spanning 250,000 square feet, contributes 12% of our overall emissions. To enhance the sustainability of our operations, we’ve implemented various measures aimed at optimising electricity consumption and improving the energy efficiency of our facilities. Additionally, we’ve incorporated renewable energy sources into our warehouses to further reduce our environmental impact. In 2025, we launched our solar panel installation plan. Our cold store building is now fitted with solar panels and they generate up to 80,000 KWHs of electricity per year. Also, all of our warehouses are fitted with motion sensor LED lighting. Finally, our cold store investments include a quick-close freezer door to help the temperature remain consistent when moving goods in and out.

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