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Fresh Produce Delivered to You for Culinary Excellence

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a key staple to any menu and diet. We have a wide range of seasonal produce suitable to all foodservice sectors. We work in partnership with local growers across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, as well as specialist suppliers across the UK, to offer quality vegetables sourced from just a few miles away from our depot. Items sourced mainly from the UK include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, leaves and berries.

Due to the nature of growing certain produce, we work with a global supply chain to guarantee constant and good quality supply, all year round. Led by Chris Abbey, a green grocer for nearly half a century, our produce team work from the early hours and throughout the daily sourcing produce and ensuring we meet all the needs of our customers.

Daily Prepared Vegetables

Our produce team includes dedicate food preparers that prep vegetables to order. Our extensive range includes all types of potatoes; whole, quarter cuts, thick cut chips, skinny chips and sliced potatoes. Also prepared carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, onions, leeks, cabbage, swede, mushroom and peppers.

As well as preparing whole produce, we prepare mixes which are ready to use. Our coleslaw mix is made using shredded carrot, white cabbage and white onion, and simply needs mixing with a mayonnaise of choice to have homemade coleslaw on your menu. Other popular mixes are ratatouille, stir fry, carrot & swede, soup mix and chunky stew vegetable mix.

There are many great benefits for ordering prepared vegetables such as reducing labour, reducing wastage, saving time and guaranteeing a consistent and quality end product.


Discover what our dedicated customers have to say about their experience with Turner Price.


James Smithson
Coffee Bar

“With a wide range of quality fresh and ambient products, Turner Price makes it easy to create inspiring menus that delight our customers.”


Sarah Hampton

“Working with Turner Price has revolutionised our food and beverage operations. They always go the extra mile to deliver excellence.”

Fresh Meat From Our Butchery

Choose from our large range of British meats and quality cuts, all prepared by our on-site butchers. In 2018 investment into a new state-of-the-art facility resulted in our butchery increasing in size by 6 times, and our qualified butchery team growing to 10. Sourced locally within 60 miles of our depot, our fresh beef, pork and lamb are prime cuts reared in UK farms.

Elsewhere in our range, our class A chicken breast, gammon, offal and some cuts lamb cuts and pork are sourced from trusted suppliers in the EU. Customers can choose from large primal cuts or order smaller joints which we cut to your requested size. Led by Victor Capita, our butchers are preparing daily our popular first quality beef mince 5% fat, British beef burgers, freshly marinated chicken and classic butcher’s sausages, made in three flavours all to our bespoke recipe. We only work with certified abattoirs and liaise closely with our supply chain to ensure a consistent specification and quality.

Accreditations & Standards

Building trust and ensuring excellence through valued accreditations.