Sun, 21 July, 2024

Our Continued Commitment to Sustainable Oil Recycling

In the ever-evolving landscape of the foodservice industry, here at Turner Price we are taking substantial strides towards sustainable practices. Notably is our efficient and responsible recycling of cooking oil. We are committed to our environmental responsibility and our oil recycling scheme is an important part of this.

The catering industry in the UK uses over 100,000 tonnes of cooking oil each year and it is important this oil is disposed of responsibly. In 2023, we had a record breaking year for oil recycling. As a business, we recycled over 85,000 litres of cooking oil for our customers. Compared to 76,500 litres in 2022. Our dedication to recycling cooking oil exemplifies our holistic approach to sustainability.

To demonstrate our continued commitment to sustainable oil recycling practices, we offer a free oil collection service to our customers. In partnership with Arrow Oils, we enable an oil collection service that is fully in compliance with current legislation. Based on the volume, we provide weekly, fortnightly, or monthly collections. We also assist in storing waste oil responsibility and supply free blue bins for storage. Over 200 of our customers utilise this offering regularly for their waste oil processing.

Our oil collection service is a step towards a cleaner kitchen and a cleaner environment. The collected oil is converted into biofuels, reducing carbon footprint and ensuring drains remain unblocked and fully functioning.

At Turner Price, we are dedicated to making our customers’ operations efficient and environmentally friendly. Our free oil collection service is a part of our promise to work together with our customers and convert waste into a valuable resource.

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