Thu, 23 May, 2024

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A Partner of LACA: Shaping the Future of School Food

We’re proud to announce that Turner Price is a partner of LACA – The School Food People. LACA is a leading professional body with a history spanning over three decades, representing a network that contributes to the development and enrichment of school food provision across the UK.

LACA: Leading Advocates for School Catering

Established in 1990, LACA is recognized as a crucial influencer in the school food sector, boasting a robust network of over 1000 members from public and private sectors, including catering providers, client officers, dietitians, and individual schools. An impressive 80% of the catering service provided in over 300 local authorities, county, district councils, and London Boroughs is represented by LACA members, who collectively serve approximately three million lunches daily across 27,000 schools.

Our Collaboration with LACA

As partners of LACA, Turner Price benefits from the diverse network and unique opportunities for knowledge exchange. Through briefings, regional meetings, e-learning opportunities, and an annual training event, we gain insights that strengthen our services and products, ultimately benefitting the schools and academies we cater to.

LACA’s role goes beyond just networking; they are a strong voice that lobbies the government and shapes policies regarding school food. In association with LACA, Turner Price is a part of the UK’s largest school catering network and contributes towards meeting the mandatory food standards required in school catering services.

LACA: Ensuring Excellence and Future-Proofing School Food Provision

LACA’s vision, “Together, we achieve excellence in school food,” resonates with Turner Price’s commitment to excellence in all we do. In line with LACA’s mission, we aim to elevate the standards of professionalism in education catering and equip education caterers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to meet the changing demands of the industry sector.

Commitment to LACA and our Customers

Being part of LACA allows us to stay informed about the latest developments, challenges, and trends in school catering. Our association with LACA amplifies our commitment to providing top-tier catering services within the education sector, delivering nutritious and healthy food to help young people thrive.

As we join forces with LACA, we pledge to continue to improve and innovate our services, products, and operations to serve our customers in the education sector better. Together with LACA, we are shaping a healthier, more nutritious future for school food provision.

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