Thu, 23 May, 2024

Turner Price Exhibits at the Yorkshire Hospitality & Tourism Business Expo 2024

Earlier this month, Turner Price made their debut at the bustling Hospitality and Tourism Expo held at the Scarborough Spa. The exhibition boasted a diverse range of exhibitors spanning the travel and hospitality industries, ranging from commercial cleaning services to artisanal local distilleries.

This event served as a strategic platform for us to enhance our presence along the East Coast, facilitating invaluable connections with both prospective and established customers in the region. We were visited by an array of businesses within the industry, hotels, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, fast-food establishments and more. Positive discussions were made with our sales managers, determining solutions in how Turner Price can assist their business. Manning our exhibition stand were esteemed members of our team including Sales Managers John Briggs and Jade Fraser-Boynton, Regional Sales Manager Tracey Shillito, Marketing Manager Tom English, and Marketing Lead Emily Storey. 

We seized the opportunity to showcase several of our latest product innovations, including Tea Joy’s Bubble Tea and Donut Worry Be Happy donuts, alongside our esteemed partner, Yorvale Ice Cream. Additionally, we highlighted our premium selection of fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, and meats, while tantalizing attendees’ taste buds with delectable tacos expertly crafted by our development chef, Neil Moore-McCarthy

We would like to thank the team for allowing us to participate in this extremely well attended event, and we are proud to share that Turner Price will be attending next year.

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