Wed, 22 May, 2024

Food Waste Action Week 2024

Every March, Love Food Hate Waste focus our attention to help tackle food waste in the UK through Food Waste Action Week. This year the theme is ‘choose what you’ll use’, highlighting the benefits of buying loose fruit & vegetables to help reduce food waste.

WRAP estimate that the UK produces over 10 million tonnes of food waste annually, around 22% of all food sold.  Their research has found that if all apples, bananas and potatoes were sold loose, the UK would save around 60,000 tonnes of food waste per year.   

Read our efforts below to see how we are minimising and repurposing the food waste we produce at Turner Price and how our product offering can help you reduce your food waste. 

Regular food donations – we regularly donate food and drinks to local food banks and community food organisations such as Ladled with Love, helping both the people of Hull and the environment.

Food waste monitoring – we monitor and track food waste produced within our business to identify areas of continuous improvements.

Refood – we send all other food waste to ReFood who turn it into renewable energy and fertiliser, in 2023 we saved over 9.3 tonnes of food from landfill!

Customised portioning – our fresh department offers ready-chopped mixes for coleslaw, soup, stir-frys and more in a variety of pack sizes, ensuring the freshest ingredients and minimal food waste for our customer. We also offer a huge range of whole fruit and vegetables loose to help you buy only the amount you’ll use.

Local supply chains – we work with local fruit and vegetable suppliers and farmers ensuring our customers have only the freshest ingredients available to buy

Get creative with leftovers – Chef Neil loves using leftovers up the next day and can make meals go much further, his favourite is a hidden veg curry!

Food Waste Action Week has really brought home the importance of tackling food waste, especially in the foodservice industry. Getting behind the motto “Choose what you’ll use” is all about being mindful in cutting waste without sacrificing quality. Turner Price fully supports caterers in this mission as every little effort adds up to have a greater impact.  Let’s all focus on smarter stock control, portion sizes, and finding creative ways to use up leftovers. Together, we can make a real difference for the planet. 

Explore our loose fruit & vegetable range here

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