Wed, 22 May, 2024

Brand New Fresh Gluten Free Flavoured Sausages

Turner Price is excited to introduce three new sausage flavours, freshly crafted in our state-of-the-art butchery facility. Our new selection includes Caramelised Onion, Olde English, and Black Pudding, each meticulously developed to elevate your menus.

Indulge in the succulent blend of flavours with our Caramelised Onion sausage, where hints of white pepper and nutmeg intertwine harmoniously with the sweet essence of caramelised onions.

For those craving a taste of tradition, our Olde English sausage offers a timeless combination of sweet kibbled onion, warming white peppers, and a medley of aromatic herbs, delivering a truly classic flavour profile.

Experience the richness of our Black Pudding sausage, boasting an irresistibly robust and earthy flavour complemented by peppery undertones, barley, and sweet kibbled onion.

Packaged in convenient 1kg portions and presented in environmentally friendly, recyclable trays, our new sausage range is not only a great addition to our sausage range, but also reflects our commitment to sustainability.

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