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Stir it up, the exclusive trade magazine tailored for customers of the Country Range Group, has been a dependable supporter and source of inspiration for independent caterers for over twelve years. Published 10 times annually, it delivers the most up-to-date news impacting the education, health and welfare, and hospitality sectors of the independent catering industry. The magazine is organised for easy navigation, with each sector clearly identified.

Stir It Up magazine is your go-to source for the latest developments in the food and catering industry. It covers news affecting various sectors, providing valuable insights for independent caterers. Additionally, the magazine features engaging articles on a variety of relevant topics, including advice columns from industry experts, along with recipes and interviews featuring the foremost figures in the foodservice industry.

Did You Know...?

An impressive 58% OF STIR IT UP CUSTOMERS exclusively rely on the magazine, not engaging with any other trade catering publication.