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Your Trusted Accommodation Foodservice Partner

At Turner Price, we acknowledge the pivotal role that food and drink play in crafting exceptional guest experiences within the accommodation and hotel industry. Whether it’s budget-friendly accommodations, coastal escapes, luxury resorts, or conference centres, we offer a comprehensive range of foodservice solutions tailored to the specific needs of your establishment. Over the decades, we have been committed in supporting hotels’ growth, be it single independent businesses or multi-site hotel chains. We take pride in servicing some of the UK’s renowned hotel establishments located in picturesque settings across the North and Midlands.

Our dedicated team is readily available to assist hotel caterers in all aspects of their food offerings, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner services, front of house and room offerings, as well as conferencing and events. Recognising the importance of timely delivery, our commitment to prompt and reliable delivery services ensures that your kitchens are consistently well-stocked, enabling you to provide reliable, high-quality dining experiences.

Setting the Stage for Unforgettable Stays

Our extensive range of food and beverage products caters to a diverse spectrum of dietary preferences and culinary tastes. This versatility allows your chefs to unleash their creativity and offer memorable dining experiences that delight your guests’ palates. Leveraging our experience and understanding of hospitality trends, we assist you in making informed decisions that can elevate your offerings. With a portfolio boasting over 7,500 items, we provide a fantastic selection of buffet and canapés options suitable for large-scale events and intimate gatherings alike. And with our Catering Essentials, Country Range and Country Range Signature product ranges, we can offer own brand products for any budget. 

Turner Price offers hotel caterers a wide range of fresh produce, prepared vegetables, and butchery meats—essential components of any meal away from home. Our in-house production of sausages and burgers caters specifically to the preferences of hotel guests. Additionally, we can supply all your kitchen essentials, including chemicals and dosing systems. Let Turner Price become an extension of your team, providing exceptional foodservice solutions that add value to guest experiences. Together, we can set the stage for memorable stays and ensure outstanding guest satisfaction.

What Our Hotel & Accommodation Customers Have to Say

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James Smithson

“Partnering with Turner Price has enhanced our offerings, making dining a highlight of the stay for our guests.”


Sarah Hampton

“Turner Price’s premium products and exceptional service have greatly enhanced our guests’ dining experience.”

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Delivering Excellence Across the North of England

At Turner Price, our reach is as vast as our commitment to quality. We take pride in delivering our premium products to businesses across the North of England and we ensure that our multi-temperature delivery services bring culinary excellence right to your doorstep.

We now have over 2,500 customers trading on a weekly basis, throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, North Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland.

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