Thu, 23 May, 2024

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Proud Member of The Country Range Group

The Country Range Group

As one of the prominent wholesale foodservice buying groups in the UK and Ireland, The Country Range Group is composed of a carefully chosen selection of independent wholesalers who consistently push boundaries, delivering an unparalleled product range and exceptional customer service.

With a rich legacy spanning over 30 years in servicing the dynamic foodservice sector of the UK and Ireland, The Country Range Group is dedicated to expanding its members’ market share by harnessing the power of group scale. This approach empowers all members to leverage group scale, broaden their product portfolios, and negotiate favorable terms with leading global suppliers.

All members of The Country Range Group are authentically independent, family-established wholesalers situated across the UK and Ireland. Each, united by shared values and a common mission. Each member offers a diverse array of products, ranging from local produce and ambient goods to butchery, complemented by the 700+ products in the Country Range brand, spanning grocery, chilled, frozen, and non-food categories.

The strength of The Country Range Group lies in the robust relationships cultivated with the members. Additionally, the group is committed to giving back to the communities they serve by supporting local charities. They recognise a broader responsibility. They believe in contributing to the communities where the members operate and advocating for sustainable and ethical practices across every facet of the business.

Turner Price is immensely proud to be a member of the Country Range Group for over 30 years.


Discover what our dedicated customers have to say about their experience with Turner Price.


James Smithson

“Turner Price’s commitment to providing nutritious and wholesome meals aligns perfectly with our goal of patient health and wellbeing.”


Sarah Hampton

“Thanks to Turner Price, we’re able to provide nutritious meals that the children really enjoy. Their reliable delivery service is a game-changer.”

The Country Range Brand

Created for the makers, Country Range stands out as a leading foodservice brand in the UK and Ireland. Boasting a portfolio of over 700 products, their commitment to innovative product development spans across grocery, chilled, frozen, and non-food categories.

Country Range is renowned for providing the quality, consistency, and affordability that caterers seek, establishing itself as a top choice in foodservice.