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With a diverse array of quality ingredients and products, Turner Price is dedicated to supporting coffee shops and bakeries in crafting comforting brews and scrumptious baked goods. We’re here to provide everything you need to create those delightful experiences your customers crave. Our devoted team understands the unique demands of running a coffee shop or bakery. We’re here to provide insight, advice, and guidance, helping you stay ahead of industry trends and continue to delight your customers.

For over 30 years, Turner Price has supplied provisions to a wide variety of hospitality operators such as traditional cafes, modern coffee shops, sandwich and deli shops, bakeries, and parlours. We also supply ingredients to manufacturers who provide baked goods, sandwiches, and cakes to the sector. Our clients range from locally-owned and independent coffee shops to national bakery chains, and we support those based on the high street, in retail outlets, and remote establishments. We are committed to always offering value, quality, and innovative products to coffee shop caterers across the North and Midlands.

Proven and Enjoyable Menu Options

Our selection includes premium coffee, teas, bakery ingredients, and a variety of other essentials. You can always expect to keep your soft drink and hot beverages offering up to date, with the latest syrup flavours, plastic-free drinks, and popular choices such as smoothies, frappes, and bubble tea. For caterers making their own sandwiches and salads, you can find an array of quality breads and fillings, and delicious sauces, including vegan and gluten-free options. We can also supply all of your sweet treats and desserts with endless cakes, traybakes, traycakes, cheesecakes, cookies, donuts, muffins, waffles, and wrapped snacks available. In our range, you will recognise brands such as Kara Bakery, Yorvale Ice Cream, Handmade Cake Company, Violife Professional, Wrights Pies, Love Struck, Pipers Crisps, Delifrance, and Vegware.

In our own brands Country Range, Country Range Signature, and Catering Essentials, we have all of your coffee shop and bakery staples covered, with bacon, cheeses, condiments, chips, fresh chicken, desserts, baked beans, sliced meats, pastries and more the preferred choice of many. And whatever dishes you are serving, you can rely on our extensive range of compostable packaging, ideal for food-to-go and ever-growing conscious shoppers. At Turner Price, we’re more than just a supplier—we’re your partner in success. With our quality products, expert team, and efficient services, we’re here to help you brew success, one cup and one treat at a time.

What Our Coffee Shop & Bakery Customers Have to Say

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James Smithson
Coffee Shop

“Turner Price’s selection of fresh and dairy products has been instrumental in creating our signature beverages and baked goods.”


Sarah Hampton

“From flour to fruits, Turner Price’s top-quality products are the secret behind our bakery’s delicious pastries.”

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At Turner Price, our reach is as vast as our commitment to quality. We take pride in delivering our premium products to businesses across the North of England and we ensure that our multi-temperature delivery services bring culinary excellence right to your doorstep.

We now have over 2,500 customers trading on a weekly basis, throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, North Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland.

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