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In our commitment to providing a comprehensive value-added service to our customers, we endeavour to remain at the forefront of allergen guidance and dietary suitability. We consistently align with national food guidelines and diligently adhere to the advice provided by the Food Standards Agency. This ensures that our practices not only meet but exceed regulatory standards, reinforcing our dedication to the highest levels of quality, safety, and compliance in the food industry. 

Our objective is to ensure that our customers stay well-informed and are promptly informed of any modifications made by suppliers to products. Recognising the critical importance of clear and easily accessible information, particularly for customers with serious allergen concerns, we prioritise the showing of accurate data. The dietary suitability options prominently featured on our website include, but are not limited to, vegetarian and vegan diets, lactose, and gluten-free alternatives, as well as considerations for religious dietary requirements, such as Halal and Kosher preferences.

Supporting Your Operations

With the introduction of Natasha’s Law, there are now stricter regulations surrounding the labelling of pre-packaged food for direct sale, particularly regarding allergen information.

Keeping abreast of all these regulations can be challenging. At Turner Price, we are here to help. We provide guidance on how to meet these regulatory obligations, ensuring your operations stay compliant and your customers remain safe.

In addition to providing advice, we can also supply you with products and solutions that can aid in your compliance efforts, from allergen labelling solutions to menu management software.

At Turner Price, we are more than just a foodservice supplier; we are a trusted partner in helping you navigate the legal landscape of the food industry. Get in touch with us today to find out how our Advice Centre can support your business.

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